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ashley robyn patten



about ashley

Fresh from Brooklyn,
she is currently living in the UK
studying at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire for her MFA.


Some of her favorite things include competitive board games, cute dogs, and good Italian food. She has a BFA in Acting from Marymount Manhattan College and has also completed the BADA program at Oxford University.

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Three Little Words

Ashley will be playing Tess in the UK premiere of Three Little Words at
The Crescent Theatre.
May 16th - 18th

What we want, what we need, and what we ultimately get are rarely ever the same thing. Joanna Murray-Smith’s unflinching, razor-sharp comedy explores how long-term relationships always seem to be teetering on a daily brink of collapse and how it only takes a few honest conversations for them to come crumbling down. Three Little Words wryly questions how our identities become subsumed within marriages and friendships, and how much of our true selves we cover up to protect these relationships. In the chaos and confusion of love, can there be such a thing as a “happy” relationship?

RBC Postgraduate Acting Ad

Ashley recently worked with the marketing department of BCU to create their newest advertisement for the program she's in.


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